Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday's Chores





Well, we survived the week and here it is another weekend. Time sure does fly. George came homelast night. He's been out of town in Birmingham since Tuesday getting certification for his work. We were so happy to have him home. We are doing chores around the house. So far I have cleaned the kitchen and the livingroom along with washing a couple of laods of the never-ending laundry, Forrest is helping George outside and Sadie is mowing the grass. It is only 12 noon and look what we have accomplished! As I was outside taking pictures of Sadie, I noticed my tulips. The yellow tulip decided it needed to blossom and wanted it's picture taken too. Now I have three beautiful red tulips and one yellow tulip. I have seen so many different colored tulips on my way to work. I'm not a big flower person (probably because I never get any! lol)but I am officially making tulips my favorite flower.


Granny's Blog said...

Nice pictures of a Saturday's work. That's a pretty small tree/bush in the middle picture and nice flower picture. We got our grass cut today too. The neighbors are rejoicing! Tell Sadie Sis. Decker made her doll a new shirt and pant outfit. It is cute and her sewing work is superb.

TheVillamorFamily said...

Spring is the best time to do chores!! That lawnmower looks as dusty as ours! is that covered with pollen or dust? Ours is covered with pollen!

Our grass needs to be cut but the lawnmower won't let down the blade....I am thinking it needs another belt or something!

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